Monday, October 26, 2009

Hello, blog world. I am a terrible blogger. Mostly because I never do it. And I'm obsessed with reading Pioneer Woman.

Today I am procras, I mean, writing a research paper. I've done ok today considering I'm scared to death of it. My other counselor friends convinced me I'm a perfectionist because I'm afraid to start because I'm afraid of failing at it. I would rather study for a test every day of the week than write this. I know, I'm singing a different tune from those English/Journalism days! Maybe that's why I didn't get the best grades?

My topic is Examining Dual Relationships in a Church Community. Help.

In other news, our garage door is fixed, I got my spring schedule, two people in our family are with child, I skipped church for the first time in 2 years (glory be!), I got A's on both midterms, we haven't gotten a pumpkin, and is a life saver. In more news, we still recognize quesadilla night every Thursday night, I am currently caught up on laundry, Jack is into mideval fiction, and I got a new student to tutor.

There. I feel better now for contributing a little something to the blogosphere. Back to citing everyone on the planet and calling it writing.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll

I still don't have anything that says Happy Fall Ya'll! Two years ago when we were first married, I just broke down crying one day because I didn't have any fall decorations. So Jack, in all his wisdom and understanding, said, "Wellll... go buy some things?" So I did and I love them still. Two whole years later. I'm going to put out some decorations today. I don't do loads of things, but just a few pumpkins here and there. I do love fall. I'm still sort of in shock that it's actually here. I feel like it should still be July.

This is the first weekend both of us have been at home, just us, since August! It's been very quiet and lovely. Today we will watch football, well, Jack will, and I will study. Study.... I love it so.

School is still awesome. Linda asked me what my favorite and least favorite parts were and I said, "Well, I don't think I have a least favorite!" And the president of the school had a meeting with us the other day and said, "If you all don't speak up, I will assume everything is perfect." And I gave him an encouraging nod. When you start your class day off with prayer requests and prayer and all your teachers love God and love their work, how can you have a least favorite? I guess the only thing I wish could be different is that I could spend more time with Chattanooga friends.

On another note, for those of you who like Old Navy, sales, deals, or clothes, please know that Old Navy is having 50% off their clearance. I got a long sweater thingy for $9. There were shirts for like $5 and $6. Go there! Get things!

Ironically, I am cleaning out my closet this weekend and am deciding the best thing to do with all my stuff. I'm giving some things to a friend and then hoping Planet Exchange will buy some stuff! Any other ideas?

I will leave you with this one final thought:

Amen and amen.