Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vacation Update 2.0

We are in the last days. Of vacation. I am ready to come home. But, I love home and I am a homebody like you've never seen. I think we will both be ready when Monday morning rolls around and we are packing up. We were talking about how refreshed and equipped, if you will, we feel to get back into our lives and our work and ministry.

Today is a rainy, cold day, thank you Lord. We are back at Mountain Grounds for a little while. It was actually Pastor Jack's idea to get out this time, which was fine with me. We will head back shortly to watch Duke play. Well, he will watch and I will read. We're going out to Sorrento's tonight, a mob-owned Italian bistro that is just heavenly. It will be the one and only time we've eaten out this week!

Lots of exciting things coming our way in the next few weeks and months. It was good to have this time away to get some perspective and rest before it all begins! Updates to come! Including the food pictures and updates!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We are on vacation, praise the Lord. It has been sunny and warm. But when you want to read and watch movies and stay in your sweats, sunny and warm is not your best friend. Sunny and warm makes you want to go outside, work out, hike, do all the things that are the opposite of reading and watching movies. But today is different. Today it is overcast, praise the Lord. Today we slept til 9 and drank coffee and watched Arrested Development until 11, praise the Lord.

Now we are at a coffee shop so I can get my people fix. Pastor Husband is content to speak to only me, read Wendell Berry all day, and cook and eat nice meals. I, on the completely opposite other hand, need people. People to watch, people to talk to, people to wonder about. So here we are, at Mountain Grounds.

Snuggie Update: It is AWESOME. My snuggie has pretty much changed my life. I am warm, I am cozy, I am reading books with my hands, while my arms are still warm. Never mind that it has been 70 degrees outside, I am using my Snuggie.

Twilight Update: I finished. I am still in recovery. It was the best series of books I have read in a long time. If ever. The last book was probably my favorite. I highly recommend these books. Yes, they are about vampires, and yes, I am a pastor's wife. That doesn't matter. These are well written, entertaining books about good vs. evil. SO GOOD. Thank you Friend Amy for loaning me the series!

A teaser for the next post: We have cooked some really great food on vacation! I will be posting descriptions and pictures!