Monday, June 29, 2009

Please Pass the Ketchup

This post really isn't about ketchup so much as it is about catching up from the past month. I have such high hopes of posting every day but then life happens and I forget. Or I spend blog time reading Pioneer Woman or My Charming Kids. If you need other blogs to read besides this one, please spend your time on those. They are great!

Anyway, lots going on on Red Bay Way.

  • I got a Mac. My amazingly thoughtful and resourceful husband got me a Mac. And a free iPod Touch came with it. Amen.
  • I turned 27.
  • I've been cooking a lot lately. Jack planted an herb garden and we're waiting for the tomatoes and peppers to come in. I've been rockin' out the homemade popcorn, salsa and granola. If Jack didn't require meat, I could live on those three things.

  • I've been saving my favorite part for last: Bo and Laura got married!!!
Jack at the rehearsal dinner.

Watching the slideshow of the kids (B&L).

Cutting the cake. The gorgeous, delicious cake.

Sorry this picture is giant. I stole it from Facebook. But it is mom and me. If you were wondering.

Another one stolen from FB. It's Bo and all the boys. He had great groomsmen.

Somehow we always wind up together. My lil family.

This is one of my favorites because it is the sweetest picture of Laura and you notice that somehow Bo ended up with a mustache on. Hilarious.

That has to be all for now because I hate blogger. I think it was invented by Voldemort. Yes, that is a reference to my current reading selection:

It is an amazing summer so far. I'm "off" until school starts, both for subbing and grad school. It's such a gift and blessing that I am able to have this time to do so many things (or not) before our life really changes with my school. That's why I am cooking, painting, and reading Harry Potter. Oh, one last thing before I die a slow death from uploading photos on Blogger.

This is one of my newest projects:


Isn't it amazing what a little fabric can do? The idea came from here. It was so easy and fun, I can't believe I had gone so long without any window treatments. Next up is the kitchen window!

Thanks Cousin Jodie for the majority of the wedding pictures :)