Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh Boy Mucinex

Today was a new day in our lives. Jack discovered Mucinex and I discovered the Oh Boy sandwich at Tomato Head.

Mom and I went to Tomato Head in Maryville today. For those of you not familiar with TH, first of all, that's a shame, and second of all, it's a great local place focusing on fresh, organic, vegan/vegetarian food- sandwiches, salads, pizza, calzones, quesadillas. Come to Knoxville and we'll go.

I have always eaten the Southwestern Salad or the chicken quesadilla. Sometimes pizza. I have never gotten a sandwich because I generally do not like sandwiches or the sandwich bread. But today I branched out and got one. I got the Oh Boy. I know why they call it Oh Boy. Because that's the first thing you say after your first bite. Here is the description:

fresh spinach free farmed chicken benton's bacon sundried tomato monterey jack
poppyseed dressing mayo heated

I discussed this sandwich with Cousin Patrick who is known around these parts for his intense love of the Oh Boy. He's convinced it's the Benton's Bacon. He said it changed entirely after TH started using Benton's Bacon. ( I did 3 seconds of research and see that Benton's Bacon is in Madisonville and is $21 for 4 lbs.) And also the homemade wheat bread that is toasty on the outside and squishy in the middle. (My stomach just growled.)

I think I will need a few more Oh Boys to decide what makes it heavenly. The poppyseed dressing is always a delight. Poppyseeds are one of those secret ingredients like cinnamon. Almost anytime anyone asks what the secret ingredients are, it's either poppyseeds or cinnamon. (I stole the cinnamon part from Seinfeld.)

Anyway, I think Knoxville rejoiced with me when the Oh Boy fan club gained another follower. Seriously, come to Knoxville so we can eat Oh Boys together.

Next, Jack discovered Mucinex. I had some in our medicine drawer that I had forgotten about, but he took some and is a new person this afternoon. That is certainly not as exciting as the Oh Boy and poppyseeds and bacon, but I'm glad he had a good day as well.

This is what I'm doing rather than studying. Writing about bacon.

Oh, and please check Pioneer Woman today- HILARIOUS.


Marlene said...

No wonder you fell in love with the Oh Boy - Benton's Bacon is in your DNA; in your infant/pre-schools trips down the 2 lane Hwy 411 to Etowah, we would stop in Madisonville to buy bacon AND sausage. The price then was more like $1.37/lb.
So glad you enjoyed your visit to Maryville and that Jack is better. mom

Rachel said...

I heart tomato head, but I've never had anything there except for pizza. I may have to branch out a bit...

JiLL said...

I think we went there when I was there...?
But I don't remember what I ordered. I guess I'd remember if it was the Oh Boy.
You can take me there again next time I visit :)

Alice and Andy said...

i heart tomato head too...our first ever meal out together!!